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Psychotherapy & Relationship Counseling 
individual, couples, family

On Seeking Therapy

I believe people often seek out therapy because the are experiencing feelings of powerlessness; confusion, dissatisfaction, fear, loss or mistrust.  If you were to identify your emotions would they include some of these or others?

Therapy can help the individual or couple to find voice for what they really want and express who they really are.  With support, individuals, couples or families can find clarity. The freed up energy from the process of working together can help people to grieve losses and gain the strength to make changes in their behaviors and lives.

I try to help people appreciate their individual beauty and resiliency.  From a place of greater self-love,  I feel people of all ages; cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations can develop skills to interact with increased confidence, empathy and respect.


I look forward to meeting you and starting the journey of healing.

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